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Our founder

Goffredo Modena was born in 1938 in Bologna, where at 26 he graduated with a doctorate in Electronic Engineering. He is married to Maria Paola, has 3 children and 5 grandchildren. His successful professional career and a strong social conscience led him to open of the Foundation Mission Bambini in 2000, where he is a full time, volunteer President.

After obtaining his degree Dr. Modena began a career in the world of telecommunications as designer of electronic circuits in roles of ever increasing responsibility. At the age of 43 he made a big career jump from manager to entrepreneur. As the majority shareholder, he brought his firm to success, increasing sales from 1 billion to 260 billion Italian lire, and the personnel from 30 to 350 employees.

At 59 he decided to sell the company to an american firm. “I was hoping to remain in the firm - Dr.Modena is quoted - to be able to contribute my professional experience that I have gained in my many years of work in the industry. But the new ownership decided to let me go definitively”.

So a new period began. “Having reached my goals and having a lot of time on my hands- Dr.Modena continued - I decided to devote myself to other people”. At this point he had a crucial meeting with the social cooperative of Vedano Olona (VA), for which Dr. Modena starts to give pro-bono advice and where he met disadvantaged people, those with AIDS, with down-syndrome, and those in jail.

From that experience I have understood that my new life was indeed meant to be dedicated to helping others and especially those who have had much less than me.” At 60 he decided, with his wife and his children, to set up the Foundation Mission Bambini in Milan. The mission of this new entity is to help children who are poor, ill, without education, abused physically and morally and to give them the hope and opportunity of a better life, both in Italy and around the world. The action of the Foundation will be always characterized by stability and transparency.

Today Mission Bambini counts on a staff of 30 employees, organized by functions. The heads of the individual offices respond directly to the General Manager, a role held since September 2018 by Sara Modena. The Foundation also has a national network of 300 volunteers who refer to 11 provincial coordinators, always volunteers.

In 2018, the Foundation raised € 5.7 million mainly from individuals, foundations and companies. Since the beginning of the Mission Bambini activity, it has helped more than 1,400,000 children.