What we have done

What we have done

Our History


Mission Bambini Foundation was founded in Milan with the name of "aiutare i bambini", on January 18th 2000, by the Italian engineer, Dr. Goffredo Modena. Its goal was to help children living in poverty, sickness or without education, giving them the hope of a better life.
On September 20th 2001, the Foundation became recognised as an ONLUS (Socially Useful Non-Profit Organisation).
In 2002, the first Italian volunteers visited projects supported abroad.
In 2003, the funds raised exceeded €1 million. In 2005 Mission Bambini launched the program "Children's hearts" to save the lives of children born with heart conditions in underdeveloped countries.


By 2006, fund raising had exceeded €3 million. In 2008, the funds donated were allocated to two areas of intervention in Italy: opening new nurseries an developing programs to fight school drop-out and truancy. For the first time the resources allocated to Italy amounted to more than 25 % of the total resources.

In 2009 with the Children’s Heart campaign, the Foundation was included among four associations that are beneficiaries of La fabbrica del Sorriso (The Smile Factory), the TV solidarity program promoted by Mediafriends ONLUS. Following the terrible earthquake in Abruzzo, Mission Bambini launched several projects in small centres in the l’Aquila province to give tangible support to the children and communities worst affected.

In 2010 Mission Bambini celebrated its 10 year anniversary: 650,000 children had been helped, through over 670 projects in 67 countries around the world. By December 31st 2010, Mission Bambini was supporting 41 early childhood centres all over Italy, through the campaign A Nursery for Every Child.
To celebrate the successes of its first 10 years, the Foundation organised a special concert at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, supporting the Children’s Heart campaign.

On January 12th, the Haiti earthquake struck. Mission Bambini intervened in the first emergency phase, granting €112,000 euros and helping 2900 children in the forthcoming year, through a range of projects, including: care, education, child sponsorship and water purification programmes.

In August, two new structures, designed and financed by Mission Bambini in cooperation with local communities, were opened: the Youth Meeting Center ‘Kamael’ in Gignano and the pharmaceutical dispensary in Fossa. This was the conclusion of a big project started by the Foundation in 2009, following the earthquake which had hit the town of L’Aquila and its territory (April 6th 2009).

Mission Bambini strengthened its commitment to impoverished children with heart diseases with the Children’s Heart campaign. The foundation forged important partnerships with Policlinico di San Donato Milanese (MI) and Ospedali Riuniti di Bergamo.


In 15 years Mission Bambini has helped more than 1,200,000 children, with 1,250 projects in 72 Countries.
In 2013 Mission Bambini increased its effort in Italy with:

    • the launch of the child sponsorhips in Italy
    • the launch of th Ban "Occupiamoci!" with other 3 Foundations (San Zeno Foundation, UMANA MENTE Foundation and UniCredit Foundation). 
    • the inauguration of a multipurpose centre in San Possidonio in the Modena's province, after the Emilia's heartquake

Abrod for the firts time, Mission Bambini has decided to take advantage of all the experiences, know-how and skills acquired so far, in order to develop directly implemented projects, launching the firt project in Zimbabwe, thanks to a guaranteed co-funding agreement with the European Union.

 The 2014 has benne an year of great changes, starting from the name that form "aiutare i bambini" evolved in Mission Bambini, in order to better tell the variety of activity that we do everyday and in order to have a more international and weel understandable name.

Early in 2015 the Italian Foundation created Mission Bambini Switzerland and Friends of Mission Bambini USA and was committed to the terrible emergeny caused by the earthquake in Nepal: our help allowed firts the distribution of alimentary kit to 460 families in one of the most stroken district and then the construction of 100 temporary shelter for 500 families.