Our effort in 2016

Our effort in 2016

Annual Report 2016

What we have done in 2016 with your help and the results we have obtained in favor of children in need in Italy and in the world.

Mission Bambini was founded in 2000 to provide concrete help to poor, sick and uneducated children in Italy and the world. Since then we have helped more than 1,3 million children and young people, through 1.450 projects in 73 countries. These results fill us with pride, but above all encourage us to do even more.

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In 2016 we have helped 60.000 children thanks to 150 projects supported in 31 countries. We have provided help for the families hit by the earthquake in Italy. See what we have done also thanks to your help!

In 2016 in particular with the program “Children’s heart” we have continued to provide cardiac surgery to children with serious heart diseases in many poorest countries: over 1.700 lives saved in about 10 years. In Italy we have given substantial boost to our projects addressing child poverty and two closely related problems, school drop-outs and unemployment among young people, with 77 projects in 15 regions.

And then on August 24th a devastating earthquake hit Central Italy, we immediately started work so that many children could resume a normal life as soon as possible: we have started with a canteen in Amatrice, with safety actions in 3 school buildings in L’Aquila and on December 22nd with the official opening of a new school and a nursery in Norcia in record time. Our engagement on these fronts continues with everyone’s help and we hope also with yours!

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In 2016 the Mission Bambini Group received 49,154 donations, collecting a total of 4,956,499 euros, with an increase of 5,9% compared to 2015.
Total income was 4,983,706 euro, including financial and capital gains and extraordinary income (which are not included in total funds collected through donations).
Most of the funds collected originate from: Privates, Foundations, Corporations.

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The funds collected through donations are devoted to the project or projects selected by the donor. If the donor does not express a specific preference, Mission Bambini usually allocates the funds to the most urgent project. When the amount needed to support a project has been exceeded, the remaining funds are devoted to other projects of the Group aimed at helping children.

In 2016, the funds devoted to institutional activities (itemized in the Financial statement as “Expenses for statutory activities”) amounted to 3,834,435 euros, i.e. 77.1% of our total expenses (total allocated funds). The funds devoted to the Foundations’ activities include, in particular, those allocated to support projects in favor of children and all the expenses connected to the projects’ realization, including the costs of keeping the donors constantly up to date on their chosen.

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For many years, Mission Bambini has been promoting ways of developing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) together with national and international companies.
Cooperating with the Foundation brings a whole range of benefits to companies; their employees and stakeholders are involved in the partnership, they increase brand awareness by implementing concrete projects, which are monitored with precise reports on their development, by producing innovative social models and by including cooperation in the corporate strategy, with the opportunity of planning actions as partners.

Successful case history: Artsana Group
The Artsana Group – owner of the Chicco brand – has been supporting the “Children’s Heart” Program, devised by Mission Bambini to cure children with heart diseases in the poorest countries, since 2013. The action involves 9 branches throughout the world: in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, the US, Spain and Italy, supporting the program with local CSR initiatives. The company’s top managers joined four volunteer doctors’ missions abroad – the latest in December 2016 - that were supported by the “Children’s Heart” Program. They could verify from direct experience the deep impact of these missions based on the fundamental human values of respect and solidarity.

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