Our effort in 2017

Our effort in 2017

Annual Report 2017

What we have done in 2017 with your help and the results we have obtained in favor of children in need in Italy and in the world.

More than 34,000 children helped in 2017, thanks to our projects in the fields of Health and Education Abroad and School Education 0-6 years in Italy. Find out what we have done in the last year for children in need, thanks to your help!

2017 was the 18th year of Mission Bambini activity: since 2000 we have helped over 1,350,000 children and young people, through 1,500 projects in 73 countries including Italy. Important results, from which we start again to do even more and even better!

In 2017 in particular thanks to the #GiveTheBeat campaign that supports the missions abroad of our volunteer doctors or allowed us to bring small patients to Italy, we have saved the lives of 100 children born with a serious heart disease. In Italy, on the other hand, our commitment to education supported through the #fatti GRANDE campaign received an important recognition: the Fund for educational violence for children contribution to the project "Services 0-6: passport for the future", which we see in three years of offer quality educational opportunities to 1,500 children across the country. In 2017 others have realized another important structure for the Central Italy hit by the earthquake: the canteen with kitchen of Cittareale, in the province of Rieti, 20 km from Amatrice.

We continue with these projects, as we continue with distance adoptions to dare children in poorer countries the opportunity to go to school.

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The balance sheet of Mission Bambini is certified every year by an independent auditing company, Deloitte & Touch Spa.


 Collected funds by donor type


In 2017 Mission Bambini group received 45.723 donations, collecting a total of 5.353.504 euros, with an increase of 397.005 euros (+8%) compared to 2016.

The funds collected through donations are devoted to the project or projects selected by the donor. If the donor has not expressed a specific preference Mission Bambini usually allocates the funds to the most urgent project. When the amount needed to support a project has been reached, the remaining funds are devoted to other projects of the Group aimed at helping children.

 Destinations of allocated funds

In 2017 the funds devoted to institutional activities amounted to 4.110.515 euros i.e. 76,5% of our total expenses excluding the operating surplus. The funds devoted to institutional activities include, in particular, the funds allocated to support projects in favor of children and all the expenses connected to the projects’ realization, including the costs of keeping the donors constantly up to date on their chosen projects. There has been a sensible decrease in the expenses linked to the fund raising activity           (- 14,3%) due to an effective cost reduction. 10,6% of the organization’s expenses have been covered thanks to funds donated by the founders.



Private funds are collected throughout the year by means of donations for child sponsorships and donations in response to mailings sent to donors. In 2017 furthermore the financial statements show an amount of 279.128 euros under the heading “income from 5Xmille” which have been raised thanks to 6.785 italian taxpayers who have chosen to donate 5%° of their taxes to Mission Bambini in their income tax statement for 2016. In addition to two fund raising campaigns with SMS, during 2017 Mission Bambini has promoted thanks to its volunteers the fourth edition of Banco per l’infanzia combined with the crowdfunding campaign #fatti GRANDE (1st edition) and the traditional fund raising event in the squares combined with the crowdfunding campaign #GiveTheBeat (2nd edition).




At headquarters: With more than 10.000 hours of voluntary work, 63 volunteers have done in 2017 the work of 6 full time employees.

In Italy: 25 Provincial Coordinators have promoted the mission of the Foundation and organized the work of local volunteers to the national events ( 500 volunteers have participated to Il Banco per l’Infanzia, 300 volunteers to the Christmas event).

Abroad: 50 volunteers have visited 26 projects in 21 missions abroad during 2017.

 volontariato estero


For many years Mission Bambini has been promoting ways of Corporate Social Responsibility with national and international companies. In 2017 thanks to the cooperation with 130 partner companies, the Foundation has collected 668.964 euros through initiatives of: CSR Corporate Social responsibility, Sponsorships and awareness campaigns, CRM Cause Related Marketing, Employee engagement.



Mission Bambini plans projects in partnership with other foundations in those fields in which its efforts have been most successful. The partnership\p between Mission Bambini and other foundations has high additional value, as it allows to produce a major social impact. In 2017 thanks of the cooperation with 22 foundations and associations, the Foundation has collected 1.839.444 euros from: Banking foundations, Corporate foundations, Associations, Family foundations.



Mission Bambini Switzerland formally founded on January 28th 2015 with headquarters in Lugano, is a swiss foundation for all intents and purposes, under the control of the swiss federal law and tax authorities. In 2017 Mission Bambini Switzerland donated 288.287 swiss francs, with an increase of 30,7% compared to 2016 in support of:

Switzerland: the project “Parco intergenerazionale” at the retirement home managed by the San Rocco Foundation in Morbio;

Italy: “Children’s canteen” in Cittareale (RI);

Zimbabwe: completion of the school “Tichakunda Center” in the northern outskirts of the capital Harare;

Children heart diseases: support of the mission of volunteer doctors in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Rumania.

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