Children’s heart- Spitaful Monza, Bucarest  February 11th-13th 2016

Children’s heart- Spitaful Monza, Bucarest February 11th-13th 2016

Children’s heart- Spitaful Monza, Bucarest February 11th-13th 2016

Voluntary Chiara Lorenzetti tell us about his experience in Romania


Drin, drin, drin… Hello?!

Everything began with a phone call. Moreno informs me that I have been drawn to participate to a mission of “Children’s heart”. I could not believe it!

Chiara and Roberto

My trip started in just that moment. From that moment began the wait made of thoughts, stirring expectations, adrenaline and happiness. Then at last Julia tells me the date of departure and the destination: February 11th, Spitaful Monza, Bucarest.

Now I feel really nervous, but when I arrive at the hospital, at Spitaful Monza, I feel such indescribable emotions that only the projects of the Foundation Mission Bambini can make you feel.

As soon as I take off my jacket a nun of the pediatric department comes with the first child to be operated. She is bringing him in the operating room, it is time.

He is all wrapped up in a white sheet, I can see only his face, not even his hair.He has two sharp, curious eyes, he has a pleasant expression.

After a little while I meet the mother, a 23 years old girl, she has just stopped crying, she is worried. We introduce ourselves and soon two more mothers arrive. They are all coming from Albania and it is impossible to understand each other. Luckily one of the three understands and speaks a little spanish, OK!!

We begin to know each other and get acquainted. Children requiring surgery are precisely three: Uenkli one year old; Rejhani seven; Esela two.

I meet the last two, we stay a bit together and make some photos, but it is already time to go to the operating room to assist to the intervention. My legs are shaking, but Dr.Marianeschi has the power to reassure anyone.

It is most striking the calm with which Marianeschi is working and the harmony there is in the operating room. The whole team cooperates to the success of the operation and each of them is essential and complementary to what is done by other members.

The operation lasts about four hours and I cannot find words to describe what I have been feeling seeing a heart beating, stop beating and above all starting again. The last was perhaps the most exciting moment.

I was there, at the foot of the bed where the child was being operated and I was rooting for him, thinking of the sharp eyes full of joy I had seen a few hours before.

Slowly the electrocardiogram starts again to go up and down, beating increases, the blood pressure rises: the operation was successful!!

In the meanwhile also Rejhani, the seven years old child, is being prepared for the intervention and after about four hours he also receives a new heart.

During the whole afternoon I stay with the three mothers and the other child who will be operated on the following day, trying to rip them a smile or simply pass the time of waiting in a more relaxed manner. When, at the end of the day, we see again Dr. Marianeschi, we pull a sigh of relief.

The following morning, it is already time to go home, but before we go to visit the children who have been operated.

Intensive therapy is not exactly a nice place. It seems as if time were suspended in a particular silence broken only by the “bip” of the machines to which the patients are connected.

I am going near the beds of the two children and I see Uenkli, he is awake with his big eyes intrigued by my presence. He moves on that bed too big for his little body, plays with his feet and smiles at my hello. It is amazing how this child, in a moment so delicate and new also for me, gives me security. As if he wanted to say “I made it!”, I cannot avoid smiling.

I then say hello to Rejhani, but who is just waking up and he is still very weak.

I go back to the department and in the meanwhile Ezela has been brought in the operating room.

Now with the mothers there is confidence and seeing Ezela’s mothers crying I give her a hug.

After a few hours, it comes time to say good-by, always too sad even if the time spent together has been short. Especially Ezela’s mother who is under operation is very fragile and would like us t

Now that I am back I want to thank all the volunteers of Foundation Mission Bambini who are helping with their commitment to pursue this immense project, the Foundation who makes this possible and has given me this possibility and above all the doctors operating these children and giving them the chance to live a peaceful life, as it should be for every child.o stay. Only upon my return to Italy I will get to know that also for Ezela everything was fine.

But the thing that will remain forever within me is the will to live and the strength that they sent me these three children, simply looking and smiling at me. I will never forget them.

Chiara Lorenzetti