LaNostraScuola: the winning projects

LaNostraScuola: the winning projects

LaNostraScuola: the winning projects

The winning projects of the national call sponsored with the Foundation CON IL SUD

238.000 euro have been disbursed for ordinary maintenance works in 13 public schools in Southern Italy. 

Some have asked funds to paint school-rooms, to dye grates and gates, replace broken doors and windows. Some need to buy tables and libraries, to clean gardens and court-yards, to rehabilitate sports facilities. But not only: why do not open the school to everybody, outside school hours, to enhance it as a place of active citizenship? Then, in addition to the funds for ordinary maintenance you would need resources to promote  a large range of activities: a vegetable garden in the external spaces of the school, a yoga course in the gym, a competition of murals at the year-end party in order to involve the neighborhood.

The protagonists are always the parents of students who roll up their sleeves and  team up, propose and organize interventions and initiatives to give to their sons a better school, more clean, decent, welcoming but also open to the context and full of opportunities of growth and socialization. Together with them, some more citizens might decide to dedicate  time and energies to the school and to the students.

Foundation Mission Bambini and Foundation CON IL SUD are announcing with pleasure the outcomes of the National Call #LaNostraScuola- Cleaned up and open to everybody, addressed to associations of parents and neighborhood associations with the aim to improve the décor and the quality of public school buildings in the South, which, - as we are periodically reminded by episodes of varying severity ranging from the fall of rubble in the classroom to the collapse of entire ceiling   - are not in good health.

Through the national call, 13 projects have been selected among 130 applications, for a global allocation of 238.360 euro. The projects will be realized in 5 regions (Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sardegna, Sicilia), in schools in evident decay located in small centers, metropolitan suburbs or historic districts. More than 300 volunteers, parents and other citizens, will participate. The maintenance works and the other activities supported through the Call will benefit more than 7.000 students of nurseries schools, elementary and secondary schools.

“We are very pleased of the great interest aroused by this Call -says Goffredo Modena, President of the Foundation Mission Bambini. The number and the quality of the projects we have received represent a great signal of the vitality of civil society and comfort us in our commitment in support of the school and for the future of young generations. A commitment we have decided to strengthen, allocating to the school projects also the funds we will collect through the 5x1000 campaign”.

We are convinced that the State should do the State and that the school really needs more attention, especially in the South –outlines Carlo Borgomeo President of the Foundation CON IL SUD. But we are equally convinced that some “public” choices must have the active involvement of the civil society. With this initiative we are not solving the problem of the disastrous decay of public buildings in some areas, but we are giving an important sign of “ cultural discontinuity” to citizens and institutions: it is necessary to advance  legitimate requests for rights, but at the same time it is good to propose also concrete, sustainable, community solutions. It is already a step forward”.

The resources  made available by the two Foundations will be utilized for the purchase of materials and equipment, for the purchase of non-didactic furniture, to cover insurance costs, for professional works (masons, electricians, plumbers, locksmiths, glaziers etc.) for the organization of activities with the community. The interventions of ordinary maintenance will be made by parents and other citizens free and on a voluntary basis, outside school hours.

The initiative of the Call was  made after an experimental phase in which Foundation Mission Bambini and Foundation CON IL SUD have supported with 50.000 euro interventions of ordinary maintenance in five public schools in the South, in Naples (2 schools, Cutro (KR), Foggia and Palermo.

The projects supported through the National Call #LaNostraScuola will be implemented between April 2016 and June 2017.







Badolato (CZ) Aniti Impresa Sociale

“Rigeneri@mo i Giardini della Nostra Scuola”

I.C. Statale  “T. Campanella”

€ 9.720


Castrovillari (CS) Paper Moon

“Brif, bruf, braf: scusate il disturbo… stiamo crescendo!”

Direzione Didattica Statale "Castrovillari 2"

€ 19.630


Napoli di Promozione Sociale MAMMAMÀ


I.C. 9 C.D. Cuoco – Schipa

€ 19.440


Napoli Un Uovo Mondo

“Crescere insieme”

I.C. Statale “Foscolo-Oberdan”

€ 20.000


Sparanise (CE)

ASD Libertas Sparanise Volley

“Scuola in Salute”

I.C. Statale "Saverio Solimene"

€ 18.900



Officina Genitori per la Duse

“Porte aperte su nuovi orizzonti”

I.C. “Eleonora Duse”

€ 19.900


Fasano (BR)

Comitato dei Genitori Fasano

“G.A.B.S. - Genitori Attivi per Bambini Sportivi”

Direzione Didattica II “Giovanni XXIII”

€ 19.300


Noci (BA) Genitori Comprensivo Gallo

“Open School”

I.C. SM Gallo – 2° Circolo

€ 19.550


Guspini (VS) Piccoli Progetti Possibili Onlus

“La Scuola è Comunità”

Direzione Didattica Statale Guspini

€ 20.000


Sardara (VS)

ASD Dinamo Sardara

“Insieme per… #LaNostraPalestra”

I.C. Statale "San Gavino"

€ 19.960


e San Cataldo Tam Tam Onlus

“Volontaria-mente a scuola: genitori e figli per una scuola bella”

I.I.S.S. “A. Manzoni – F. Juvara”

€ 15.860


Mazara del Vallo (TP) Casa della Comunità Speranza

“Oltre i cancelli, oltre la didattica”

I.C. Statale "P. Borsellino"

€ 19.000



A.Ge Palermo

“Volontari all'opera!”

I.C. Statale "Politeama"

€ 17.100