The winning projects of the national call sponsored with the Foundation CON IL SUD


Cause Related Marketing (CRM) is a tool available to the enterprise that can address social issues, raising awareness among the customers, providing resources and financing and, at the same time, pursuing marketing objectives.



Loyalty programs

Add Foundation Mission Bambini among the choices you are offering to your customers, you will thus be able to reach three objectives: support our projects at no cost for your firm, offer to your most sensitive customers a choice of solidarity, improve your image.


Employee engagement

Involve your staff in voluntary work. The employees will give their time and/or experiences at the disposal of the projects to give a concrete help. Discover various voluntary works:

  • volunteering within in projects
  • volunteering skills at the office of the Foundation
  • volunteering for raising awareness and fund raising

Foundation Mission Bambini has contributed to the realization of the first guide to corporate volunteering together, with Foundation Sodalitas, Bocconi University and CSV



The Foundation is also cooperating with professionals of Team Building to offer to firms a large choice of proposals, from cooking to alternative initiatives, always for the support of projects financed by Mission Bambini and their promotion.


Merchandising for Christmas

The Foundation Mission Bambini is offering a large choice of items that can be utilized as Christmas gift: Christmas cards, donation certificates, food gifts and other items which can became “ a solidarity gift” during the entire year. Furthermore at Christmas and other festivities we have many proposals to help you organize your firm’s parties and help and the children.


Gift in kind

Your firm can donate its products for the benefit of our projects: The donations are a very good opportunity to clear the warehouse and get a tax deduction.



Support our  campaigns during our events in the squares and during our most important events. It will be an opportunity to link the name of your company to initiatives of great brand awareness and to accompany us  as we talk directly with our supporters

banca leonardo


Your company can support Mission Bambini with a donation and support the activities of the Foundation.


Promote our name

Your company can make available its channels for activities of fund raising or awareness. The company is full of stakeholders, potentially supporters of our projects. Help us promoting our Foundation among your customers, your suppliers, your employees and your investors.


Events/initiatives of corporate welfare

Possiamo supportarti nell’organizzazione di eventi, sia interni all’azienda sia esterni, dando all’iniziativa uno sfondo sociale: cene, spettacoli, tornei sportivi e conferenze sono solo alcuni esempi. L’intervento di Mission Bambini all’interno di tali eventi è totalmente co-progettabile così da incontrare le esigenze dell’azienda e dei propri stakeholder.


Payroll giving

Il payroll giving è uno strumento semplice ed efficace, attraverso il quale i dipendenti della tua azienda potranno donare direttamente dalla loro busta paga una o più ore del loro stipendio a favore dei nostri progetti, ricevendo così gli aggiornamenti e restando in contatto con noi. Fondazione Mission Bambini fa parte del Comitato UNORA per la promozione del Payroll Giving in Italia.


Matching gift

Lo strumento del matching gift può essere utilizzato dalla tua impresa in risposta ad una donazione da parte dei dipendenti, mettendo in gioco meccanismi di sfida e come testimonianza dell’impegno sociale dell’azienda, in affiancamento a quello dello staff : si tratta di raddoppiare qualsiasi contributo devoluto dai dipendenti ad una causa sociale.

VIACOM International Media Networks Italia

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 12:50

This firm has been supporting for several years Mission Bambini both through of corporate volunteering initiatives and internal events and through the promotion of some campaigns of Mission Bambini on its TV channel Mtv News online. During the “Viacom Community Day”, when all the international staff is involved in social activities, the employees have worked in close cooperation with the boys of the structures supported by Mission Bambini and have helped in the ordinary maintenance of a school in Milan.

Value Partners

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 12:48

This firm has decided to support Mission bambini through an initiative of payroll giving, the employees may decide to help giving a share of their monthly salary to support “A nursery for every child”.

Unicredit Foundation

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 12:45

Mission Bambini has promoted together with Unicredit Foundation, San Zeno Foundation, Canali Foundation, and Manageritalia Gruppo Volontario Professionale, the second edition of the National Call “Let us find an occupation!” to support new social enterprises, favoring the employment of young people from 16 to 29 years old. Global allocation of the Call has been 600.000 euro. The 9 winning projects will last 2 years and will start in 2016.

State Street

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 12:37

The firm is supporting Mission Bambini doubling the donations of its employees and permitting them to volunteer in favor of the projects of the Foundation and “monetizing” the hours of volunteer given, thus multiplying the benefits for the projects.

Sidip World

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 12:35

Sidip World has helped with extreme availability lending free part of their workforce, for an extraordinary intervention at a public school in Milan.

Project Automation

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 12:24

This firm is supporting the projects abroad of Mission Bambini in particular concerning food safety. The firm is also purchasing every year the products of Mission Bambini for Christmas wishes to its stakeholders.

Penny Market

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 12:16

Penny Market is supporting Mission Bambini since 2006, giving a significant contribution to the implementation of the program “ A nursery for every child”, through co-marketing and promotion initiatives for the children.

Mister Panel

Tuesday, 15 November 2016 12:33

Since 2008 Mister Panel is supporting “A nursery for every child” involving its panelists on line in the choice of the donation. Thanks to the donations given in favor of the program we can support and start new nurseries in Italy, the beneficiaries are sons of single mothers or of families with social and economic problems.