Child sponsorship in Italy

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Aim: To make accessible the existing nurseries to the children of the most vulnerable families, through child sponsorships in Italy
Launch year:

simbolo-PUNTO-INTERROGATIVO-problema The problem

In Italy only a little more than 1 out of 5 children aged 0-3 have access to early infancy services, against the European goal of 1 out of 3. Many families experiencing economic or social difficulties (single working mothers, families on social welfare, immigrants) do not have access to this kind of services because they cannot afford to pay high nursery fees, therefore they have nobody to look after their children.

simbolo-CUORE-risposta The answer

Although it is important, on the one hand, to increase the number and capacity of nurseries, especially in Southern Italy, there is also an increasingly urgent need, on the other hand, to enable families to access the places that are already available. Many children, in fact, run the risk of being excluded from an important experience for their personal growth and development and many mothers may be forced to leave their jobs or reduce their working hours, with additional negative consequences on the family budgets. For this reason, in 2013 the Foundation decided to launch child sponsorships alongside the project “A Nursery for Every Child”. The regular, long-lasting support granted by child sponsorships provides concrete help and services to needy families in difficult social and economic situations, in particular: reduced nursery fees, meal vouchers, clothing, diapers and formula milk to be used in the nurseries. As in foreign child sponsorships, donors receive information, photos and up-to-date news on the group of children attending the chosen nursery.

Child Sponsorship

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Aim: Give children the opportunity to go to school through the support provided by child sponsorships
Launch year:

 simbolo-PUNTO-INTERROGATIVO-problema The problem: 55 millions

Despite many progress in recent years, ensuring primary education for all children is still a distant goal: according to UN data, more than 55 millions children in the world between 6 and 11 cannot go to school, and more than half are girls. Moreover, there are 65 million young people who are cut off from secondary education.

simbolo-CUORE-risposta The answer: education and care

In many countries, access to education is still a daily challenge for millions of children. There are many different causes: endemic poverty, child labor, war, child recruitment in armed formations. On the other hand, even where education is available and free of charge, it is often lacking in quality: few and overcrowded school facilities, far from home. Children must often walk long distances on foot and families cannot afford to buy school supplies.

Thanks to child sponsorships, the Mission Bambini Foundation guarantees thousands of children the right to a good education every year, by means of covering schooling costs: entry fees, books and uniforms. For many children, going to school also means receiving at least one meal a day. Through child sponsorships, Mission Bambini supports residential facilities offering a safe accommodation, medical care and a caring environment to children in particularly difficult situations (orphans, HIV-positive children, refugees).

The long-lasting support offered by donors through child sponsorships enables us to accompany the child or group of children until they achieve their primary or secondary school diplomas. In some cases, Mission Bambini contributes to the construction of schools or their enlargement and successively promotes child sponsorships that enable children to go to these schools.

simbolo-BERSAGLIO-risultati Results 2018

Only in the course of 2018 were 4,930 children helped through distance adoptions in 21 countries of intervention, including: Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Ecuador, the Philippines, India, Kenya, the Dominican Republic, Thailand and Uganda.

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Our History

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On January 18th 2000  an Italian industrialist, Ing. Goffredo Modena , created the Foundation Mission Bambini to provide support to children who are poor, sick, outcast, uneducated.

  • On September 20th 2001 the Foundation is recognized as ONLUS, Non-profit Organization of Social Value.
  • In 2002 for the first time some italian volunteers were sent to visit the projects supported abroad.
  • On 2003 fund raising reaches and exceeds 1 million euro.
  • In 2005 the Foundation begins to develop a network of volunteers on the italian territory: local groups of volunteers are formed called “Laboratori dei volontari”.
  • In November 2005 takes place the first edition of the national event “Santa Claus for a day” with the participation of 500 volunteers in 72 italian cities.


  • In 2006 fund raising reaches 3 million euro.
  • In 2007 the event “Musicamore” is organized in in cooperation with Radio Italia in support of the campaign “Children’s heart” started in 2005 to save the life of children with serious heart diseases born in the poorest countries.
  • In 2008 it was decided to concentrate the disbursement of funds for the projects in Italy in two main areas: the opening of new nurseries and the support to programs to prevent school drop-outs. For the first time the resources engaged in Italy represent over 25% of the total resources.
  • In 2009 with the project “Children’s heart from Italy to Asia” the Foundation is chosen among the first four associations beneficiaries of “Fabbrica del Sorriso”, the solidarity TV initiative promoted by Mediafriends. After the terrible earthquake in Abruzzo, Mission Bambini is involved in concrete projects for the children and the communities, to be carried out in small centers in L’Aquila.
  • In 2010 Mission Bambini celebrates 10 years of activity: more than 650.000 children have been helped with over 670 projects in 67 countries, including Italy. To celebrate this anniversary the Foundation organizes an extraordinary concert at La Scala Theater in Milan in favor of the campaign “ Children’s heart” and the first edition of “Primavera Festa”, an outdoor day of celebration and solidarity to raise funds for the campaign “A nursery for every child”. In 2010 there was also the earthquake in Haiti (January 12th). Mission Bambini intervenes in favor of the population hit by the earthquake in the first phase of emergency and in the following months, disbursing in one year 112.000 euro in favor of 2,900 children with projects of hospitality, education, child sponsorships and water purification. In August in Abruzzo are inaugurated two new structures projected and financed by Mission Bambini in accordance with the local communities: the youth center “Kamael” in Gignano and the medical dispensary in Fossa. It is the conclusion of a great commitment started by the Foundation in 2009 after the earthquake. In 2010, Mission Bambini is increasing its commitment for the campaign “Children’s heart”, in favor of children with serious heart diseases born in the poorest countries signing important partnerships with Policlinico San Donato Milanese and Ospedali Riuniti di Bergamo.


In 2013 in particular the commitment of the Foundation in Italy has increased thanks to:

  • The launch of the child sponsorships “in vicinanza”, a new help for children living in Italy, studied by the Foundation to give the possibility also to the families in social and economic distress to send their sons to the nursery ( from 0 to 3 yeas old). 
  • The launch of the National Call “Occupiamoci”, together with three others Foundations (San Zeno Foundation, UMANAMENTE Foundation and Unicredit Foundation). The total allocation of the Call has been 600.000 euro, it has been used to create training courses or social entrepreneurship activities for young people in condition of social distress.
  • On May 25th the inauguration at San Possidoro (MO) of the center “Palestropoli”, following the earthquake in Emilia. The commitment of the Foundation in our country has been recognized also by the Institutions: on June 27th, the President Goffredo Modena has received from the President of the Milano Province Guido Podestà the prix Isimbardi, for citizens and associations who have distinguished themselves in activities in favor of the community. As for the activities abroad, a direct project has been made for the first time, in Zimbabwe, thanks to a grant of the European Union.

In 2014 there was also another big change, the name of the Foundation was changed from “aiutare i bambini” into Mission Bambini, to communicate even more about the variety of our commitments and our daily activities, with a unique idea and a more international name.

Always in 2014 in the wake of similar successful experiences in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, Mission Bambini established the “Banco per l’infanzia”, the first national collection of products for early childhood in the stores of Prenatal and Bimbostore present in Italy.

In 2015 continued the internationalization process of the Foundation with the establishment of Mission Bambini Switzerland in Lugano and Friends of Mission Bambini in New York in the USA. 

In the year of the EXPO Mission Bambini has given particular attention also to the fight against hunger winning two calls.

  • The call “Feed the planet” of Cariplo Foundation and with the sponsorship of Comune di Milano and Regione Lombardia produced the second direct implementation project in Uganda to fight food waste and support the local agricultural communities.
  • The Call “Let us feed the future” of Mediolanum Foundation, with which Mission Bambini in cooperation with Agimar and GMA, has won 150.000 euro with the project ”Braccialetti verdi in Eritrea” to save 400 children from malnutrition in Eritrea.

In 2015 there was also an increase in the commitment of Mission Bambini in Italy, thanks to the start of a new program in support of the schools in Italy: the program “Parents, let us clean the schools!” to make ordinary maintenance works in the italian schools with the participation of parents as volunteers.

Abroad the commitment of Mission Bambini has also been in support of Nepal for the terrible earthquake which hit the country on April 25th and killed almost 9.000 people: our intervention permitted the distribution, in the emergency phase, of food kits to 460families in one of the districts mostly hit, and in the phase of reconstruction, the building of 100 temporary shelters for 500 families.


In 2016-17 the intervention of Mission Bambini on the emergencies for the earthquakes in Center Italy, continues with five concrete projects in support of the populations to favor the restart of the schools and the return to normality.

In 2018 the commitment of Mission Bambini increases with the winning of the National Call “Prima Infanzia” promoted by the social enterprise “Con I bambini”.

In 19 years of activity the Foundation has supported 1.400.000 children financing 1.600 projects in 75 countries.

Our founder

Thursday, 21 July 2016 12:44

Goffredo Modena was born in 1938 in Bologna, where at 26 he graduated with a doctorate in Electronic Engineering. He is married to Maria Paola, has 3 children and 5 grandchildren. His successful professional career and a strong social conscience led him to open of the Foundation Mission Bambini in 2000, where he is a full time, volunteer President.

After obtaining his degree Dr. Modena began a career in the world of telecommunications as designer of electronic circuits in roles of ever increasing responsibility. At the age of 43 he made a big career jump from manager to entrepreneur. As the majority shareholder, he brought his firm to success, increasing sales from 1 billion to 260 billion Italian lire, and the personnel from 30 to 350 employees.

At 59 he decided to sell the company to an american firm. “I was hoping to remain in the firm - Dr.Modena is quoted - to be able to contribute my professional experience that I have gained in my many years of work in the industry. But the new ownership decided to let me go definitively”.

So a new period began. “Having reached my goals and having a lot of time on my hands- Dr.Modena continued - I decided to devote myself to other people”. At this point he had a crucial meeting with the social cooperative of Vedano Olona (VA), for which Dr. Modena starts to give pro-bono advice and where he met disadvantaged people, those with AIDS, with down-syndrome, and those in jail.

From that experience I have understood that my new life was indeed meant to be dedicated to helping others and especially those who have had much less than me.” At 60 he decided, with his wife and his children, to set up the Foundation Mission Bambini in Milan. The mission of this new entity is to help children who are poor, ill, without education, abused physically and morally and to give them the hope and opportunity of a better life, both in Italy and around the world. The action of the Foundation will be always characterized by stability and transparency.

Today Mission Bambini counts on a staff of 30 employees, organized by functions. The heads of the individual offices respond directly to the General Manager, a role held since September 2018 by Sara Modena. The Foundation also has a national network of 300 volunteers who refer to 11 provincial coordinators, always volunteers.

In 2018, the Foundation raised € 5.7 million mainly from individuals, foundations and companies. Since the beginning of the Mission Bambini activity, it has helped more than 1,400,000 children.

About us

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Mission Bambini is an independent, non-profit and non-clerical organization, created in Italy by Goffredo Modena, engineer and entrepreneur, in 2000. Our mission is to help and support children living in poverty, sickness and without education, giving them the opportunity and hope of a better life.

In 19 years of activities Mission Bambini has helped more than 1,400,000 children through 1,600 projects in 75 countries around the world. Our Balance sheet is public and certificated.

The experience gathered in such different environments, the pragmatic style and the transparent activity make it an ideal partner for planning and supporting actions and projects in favor of children in need in any part of the world. Early in 2015 the Italian Foundation created Mission Bambini Switzerland and Friends of Mission Bambini USA.

Our VISION is a world in wich:

  • Poor and hungry children have access to the essentials for life and sick children can receive adequate medical care;
  • Children deprived of education have the opportunity to go to school;
  • Children who have been the victims of abuse can be helped to overcome the pain and trauma they have suffered;
  • Children who have lost their families can be welcomed into a new family or community.

Our VALUES are:

  • Freedom
  • Justice
  • Truth
  • Respect for others
  • Solidarity



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