This initiative is funded by the Foundation Mission Bambini and the Foundation CON IL SUD to improve the décor and the quality of school buildings and enhance the schools as a place of active citizenship


Foundation Mission Bambini and Foundation CON IL SUD are announcing the results of the fifth edition of their initiative: the winning projects are in Lecce, Napoli and Palermo.

The earthquake has destroyed more than 500.000 homes and then monsoons have arrived: we want to give a shelter to 500 people. Help us!

It is promoted by Foundation Mission Bambini, Foundation Canali Onlus, Foundation San Zeno and Unicredit Foundation and is allocating 600.000 euro for social projects.

3 volunteers have visited the project "Centro Assant" in Brazil

The coffee +9

Friday, 18 September 2015 14:23

The aim of the project is to give to 900 coffee farmers in suburban Kampala

Annual Report 2014

Tuesday, 16 June 2015 10:18

70,922 children and young people helped

Our non-profit organization, founded 15 years ago in Milan, has opened 2 offices abroad. Our aim is to use fundraising to increase the resources we have available for institutional activities, supporting children in need, in Italy and the world.

BVAW devoted its international beach volleyball tournament to our ‘Children’s Heart’ Project