Our non-profit organization, founded 15 years ago in Milan, has opened 2 offices abroad. Our aim is to use fundraising to increase the resources we have available for institutional activities, supporting children in need, in Italy and the world.

BVAW devoted its international beach volleyball tournament to our ‘Children’s Heart’ Project


30 April 2015

We are giving immediate aid to families in the Dhading district, one of the regions worst hit by the earthquake. Help us!

International Projects

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Projects in Italy

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Directly Managed Projects:



We would like to thank Scanlan® Life Programs™ for their generous donation to the Mission Bambini Foundation!

Cruciani are now joining Mission Bambini with their new ‘Lucky Star’ bracelet, presented this morning at the Cruciani C Boutique at Via Manzoni 19, Milan.

€10,142 raised for Mission Bambini!!!

On the 18th and 19th July 2014, the first two Kosovar children were operated on at the Spitalul Monza of Bucharest, within the terms of our agreement with Monza Polyclinic signed in April.

Supporting Children in Emergencies

Thursday, 26 February 2015 11:26


 In the event of serious natural disasters or conflict, Mission Bambini has a  history of launching projects to aid in the reconstruction of schools and  otheinfant facilities, as well as general projects to help affected communities  recover. 


 If this type of support is needed in a location where the Foundation already  has projects implemented, first emergency help (in the form of food, water  and sanitary materials) is provided. We can be certain that our help is going  directly to the communities thanks to the partnerships we have with local  organisations.

 Mission Bambini may also decide to implement first emergency interventions  in areas where we don’t currently have projects. This is usually in the case of  extreme natural disasters or if Italy is involved.