Stop Food Waste!!

Thursday, 26 February 2015 10:17

10 simple rules to avoid wasting food and save

Milk is not only good for childrens’ bones, but also for their hearts!

Today we celebrate the Foundation’s 15th anniversary: a journey which has brought increased happiness to more than 1 million children all over the world.

A Legacy Tells A Life

16 October 2014

 An act of love that will live forever.

BVAW has dedicated its worldwide beach volley tournament to the Children's Heart program!

Here is the new symbol of our mission: to help children, to support them and lead them, illuminating the way towards their future.

The effort of Mission Bambini in Italy and the impact of the international project “Children’s heart” grows.

Children's Heart

Tuesday, 17 June 2014 01:26

 The thousandth baby has been saved in Cambodia!

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Friday, 13 June 2014 11:24

To keep in touch with our work and projects:

Annual Report 2010

Friday, 13 June 2014 11:07

President’s note »

Strategy »

Projects and results »

Funds rising and allocation »

Firms’ cooperation »

Human resources and voluntary work »

President’s note
2010 has been our 11th year of operation and has confirmed the increasing commitment of the Foundation in Italy: almost one third of the funds granted have been allocated to projects in our Country.
This data reflects our choice to give back to the territory a significant part of the funds raised, in a still difficult economic phase, when public funds allocated to social needs are decreasing. Our commitment in Italy has also a new area of intervention; in fact in the last months of 2010 we have started the campaign “Young people at work”, in order to foster the integration in the labor force of the young who have dropped-out of school.
In Italy we will continue to support the opening of new nursery schools and the projects fighting school-drop-out. However this does not mean forgetting the children living in the poorest countries.
With your attention and your support I am sure that we will be able to continue to offer to many children a more dignified and serene life just where need is greatest.

Thanks for your attention and your help
Goffredo Modena

The new strategy of “aiutare I bambini” is pursuing the following four main goals:
1) Lower dispersion
2) Greater effectiveness, efficiency and competence
3) Greater consistence
4) Greater recognition
To reach these goals the Foundation has made two essential strategic changes:
To increase the commitment in Italy
Firstly, specific guidelines for the intervention in Italy have been defined, separating the allocation of funds in favour of our territory from the one in favour of developing countries and establishing to allocate yearly about 30% of the funds in favour of projects in Italy.
To increase the commitment abroad in favour of multi-annual programs in priority areas
Secondly, the Foundation has decided to concentrate its donations abroad on the so-called “multi-annual programs”, focused on the priorities fixed by the Millenium Development Goals, MDGs. The multi-annual programs are interventions made by well-known local firms, with shared and achievable medium-term goals where the contribution of “aiutare i bambini “ is consequently higher.
Priority issues identified by Mission Bambini for the programs abroad are the following:
1) Fight to poverty and hunger: agricultural development and food self-sufficiency, programs to increase water supply (MDG: 1 and 7)
2) Right to life and survival: medical interventions for mothers and children from 0 to 5 years old (MDG 4 and 5)
3) Fight to AIDS/HIV: programs of prevention and care for children and mothers (MDG: 6)
4) Educational programs; child sponsorship multi-annual programs

The choice to concentrate the contributions on “multi-annual programs” does not exclude the support to “micro projects”, namely the projects started with new counterparts, on a small scale and with a short term time horizon. The contribution to the “micro projects” indeed takes a new meaning, introducing a systematic valuation of the results of the project and of the performances of the counterparts. The positive result of a “micro project” becomes one of the conditions precedents for the start of a “multi-annual program”.

Projects and results
In 2010 the commitment of Mission Bambini in supporting projects for early childhood has continued to increase, notwithstanding that funds rising has slightly decreased compared to the previous year. This has been possible through the use of funds set aside in 2009.
In particular funds given to the projects in 2010, following the decisions of the Board of Directors had a 30% increase, from 2.056.665 euro to 2.616.726 euro.
193 projects have received in 2010 at least one transfer of funds with an increase of 21% compared to 159 in 2009. More importantly, the beneficiaries of these projects in 2010 have been 107.872 children, with an increase of 29% compared to 83.446 children in 2009.
For the projects in Italy a total of 788.729 euro have been provided, 30,1% of the funds disbursed by the Foundation in 2010. This data puts our country in the first place among the countries helped by the Foundation, Italy has received more funds than any other country and also than any other continent.
It should be outlined that in 2010, 319.689 euro have been granted for the interventions in Abruzzo which are in addition to 58.400 euro previously provided, for a total of 378.089 euro.

Funds rising and allocation
In 2010 have been made 45.650 donations with a funds rising of 4.104.490 euro.
The number of donations has increased, compared to 2009, mainly in the second part of the year. However the average amount of the donations has been lower than the previous year, so total funds rising has remained substantially unchanged.
The decrease in the average amount of donations is due to the economic crisis which has hit individuals and the great part of economic sectors. On the other hand in 2010 the Foundation Mission Bambini has had an increase in the number of the projects and of the children helped in Italy and abroad.
About 30% of the funds raised have been disbursed in Italy, in the development of projects to fight school drop-out and to start nursery schools and playgrounds all over Italy. In addition, also in 2010 has continued the substantial commitment for the reconstruction projects in Abruzzo.
Donations are coming from all over Italy, as follows: North 40,8%, Center 30,8%, Southern Italy and Islands 28,4%.
In addition to the donations of the founders of Mission Bambini, the largest proportion of funds raised are coming from individuals, events and sponsorships, firms and foundations.

In 2010 funds given in support of projects in favor of the children have been 2.553.734 euro equal to 61, 1 % of funds raised. Also in 2010 Italy has been the country which has received more funds.
The organizational expenses of the Foundation have been 718.745 euro (personnel expenses, rent, various utilities etc.) and have been covered almost entirely with a contribution of 600.000 euro, by the founders of Mission Bambini, in order not to harm the funds collected from firms and individuals.

The cooperation with firms
The Foundation Mission Bambini has been promoting and encouraging for many years projects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with national and multi-national firms based on principles of transparency, sharing, mutual respect and benefit.
In 2010 the following results have been reached:
- start-up of CSR activities with 13 new firms
- 9 new initiatives of co-marketing of social communications and via web
- 16 days of corporate volunteering
- 11 corporate events
- renewal of 3 programs of payroll giving with important multinational firms and start of a new program
As for the sponsorships of events of the Foundation, 7 firms have given a contribution through a donation. Many companies have contributed to the event “PrinaVera Festa” through important donations in-kind.

Human resources and voluntary service
The people who are working in the Foundation are the main resource to develop the activity of Mission Bambini for the pursuit of its mission.
To this end the President is giving particular care to the management of human resources, to favour the development and the cooperation among the people and to create a team committed to achieving the goals. The call to the mission of the Foundation and to its values is strong and continuous.
As at 31/12/2010 the employees of Mission Bambini were 25.

Volunteer activities are the main witness of the values of the Foundation Mission Bambini, but also of the commitment in spreading the culture of solidarity and active citizenship. The volunteers can work in three areas.

Also in 2010 among the volunteers of the Home Office there is majority of women ( the same happens also for the volunteers abroad). As for the age groups, among the volunteers of Home Office there is a predominance of people over 60 (while the volunteers abroad are concentrated in the 30-40 age group). In 2010 81 volunteers of Home Office have helped in the office work.

In 2010 the number of volunteers visiting the projects abroad has substantially increased thanks to the improvement in the process of selection and training of the volunteers for the needs of the projects to be visited. In 2010 102 volunteers have visited 87 projects in 57 trips abroad.

In 2010 the network of workshops of “aiutare bambini” on the national territory has had a decrease and is now composed of 33 workshops and 28 Responsibles active almost continuously through out the year. Some workshops, operating in big cities with a high number of volunteers, have in fact more than one Responsible.