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On Friday December 20th there was a news broadcast about our Foundation and our local child sponsorship program in Italy.

The support which the girls receive through child sponsorship allows them to receive an education

Our Corporate Supporters

Friday, 17 January 2014 16:20


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Why choose us

17 January 2014

Reporting of the project
Because we will keep you informed on the progress of our projects, we will involve you in our initiatives and will open the doors of our projects so you can realize how we work and how we value your help

Certified balance sheet
Because for us transparency is a fundamental value. We have thus chosen to publish a balance sheet certified by an external body (Deloitte), in order to guarantee to our supporters the maximum care in managing their funds.

Quality certificate
Because we have chosen to work in quality, knowing the commitment of many companies to do the same. We have therefore received the certificate (ISO 9001).

Joint planning of the interventions
Because, if your company has skills that can be used in our areas of intervention, we would be please to work and plan together to make the help to the children of our projects the most efficient as possible.

Brand Equity
Because we know that a company needs to work on the brand, and we are a partner able to work with all your stakeholders, to improve the brand equity of your company

Measuring the social impact
Because we believe that the social impact for our actions is important. We can work together and we can develop useful indicators, a for example SROI (Social Return on investment)

Fiscal advantages
Finally, because your donation, your help, your support is tax deductible and we are at your disposal to maximize the tax advantage allowed by the present legislation.

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Working together

17 January 2014

Support our campaigns during our public events and during our most important events. It will be an opportunity to tie the name of your company to initiatives of great brand awareness and to be with us while we talk directly with our supporters.

Promote our name
Your firm is full of stakeholders, all potential supporters of our projects. Help us promoting our Foundation among your customers, your suppliers, your employees and your investors. Your company will be the ambassador of our initiatives.

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Involve your employees

Friday, 17 January 2014 16:06

Corporate volunteering
Get your staff involved in giving concretely a hand on our projects.
We are at your disposal to organize community day, volunteer camps and activities in support of the children we could help together. The Foundation Mission Bambini has contributed to the first guide to corporate volunteering together with Foundation Sodalitas, Bocconi University and CSV.

Training and Team Building
Together with expert trainers and teachers we have a large choice of proposals to grow and acquire skills that can be used both professionally and in volunteer work. Team building while having fun and helping children will help to improve the corporate climate and will help us to support our projects.

Every year we propose sport initiatives among firms. Your company will take the field with us playing against other companies our partners, having fun and creating networking opportunities.

Payroll giving
It is a simple and effective instrument, the employees of your firm will be able to donate directly from their payroll one or more hours of their salary in favor of our projects, receiving updates and remaining in contact with us. Your firm could also choose to double-up the donations of the employees. The Foundation Mission Bambini belongs to the Committee UNORA for the promotion of payroll giving in Italy.

We can help you in organizing an in house fund raising “2.0”. In fact thanks to the cooperation with we can create a custom site, in which every employee can become fund raiser for us and help us to support our projects.

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Support us

17 January 2014

CRM (Cause related marketing)
The Cause Related Marketing (CRM) is an instrument of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) at the disposal of the company, that allows it to tackle social issues by raising awareness among its customers, providing the necessary resources and financing and, at the same time, pursuing marketing goals.

Support a campaign
Your firm can choose to work with us in one of our campaigns, guaranteeing a yearly budget and receiving continuous updates on work progress.

Points collection (Prizes) and loyalty programs
Insert the Foundation Mission Bambini among the opportunities offered to your customers, you will be thus able to reach three aims: support our projects without costs for your firm, offer to your most sensible customers a choice of solidarity, improve your image.

Merchandising and Christmas companies
The Foundation Mission Bambini is suggesting a large choice of articles which can be used by the firms as gifts for Christmas or otherwise: Christmas cards, certificates of donation, food and other items that can become a gift of solidarity throughout the year. Furthermore we have at Christmas many proposals to help you organize your firm festivities helping the children.

Gift in Kind
Your firm can donate his products, in favor of our projects. The donations are a very good opportunity to rid the warehouse and deduct fiscally the value of goods, if they can be destined to the children of our projects.

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