Annual Report 2011

Friday, 13 June 2014 11:05

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President’s note

Thanks to all volunteers!
In our country, and not only in our country, we are living a difficult moment, marked by economic crisis and increasing hardship and social weakness. Many certainties are wavering, many fears are coming forward. I believe nonetheless that in the moments of crisis there are also important opportunities to be seized through change and innovation. 2011 has been the european year of voluntary service and I want here to stress the commitment of our volunteers and the contribution of their work and their enthusiasm to our Foundation.
I am thinking, for example, to our volunteers in Home Office: they are 92, people who have retired or have stopped working for family reasons or are not engaged full time. They have given so much to our Foundation: time, skills, capabilities, social relationships. It is good to look at their smiles and their joys when they came to our office for voluntary service in favor of the children.
I am thinking to 79 volunteers who last year have gone abroad to visit our projects to help the children. The have had a deep and extremely interesting experience, have lived unrepeatable emotions.They have also helped us to evaluate the progress of the projects and document the life of the children.
I am thinking of the volunteers (mothers and grand-mothers) who are giving their time to the nursery schools supported by our Foundation. They are supporting the teachers in their daily activities, they are also performing menial, but no less important, tasks: cooking, cleaning and putting in order the nursery. And not only that; they have so much enthusiasm in organizing parties and playing activities for the children!
Abroad, I am thinking to many italian doctors and nurses who are going with the missions abroad of our Foundation. They are professional of the highest value who during their holiday time give their professionalism to operate the children with serious cardiac malformations, in danger of life. In addition they transfer to the local doctors their professional skills.
I am thinking to over 1.000 volunteers, who during the national events of the Foundation ("Santa Claus for a day",”PrimaVera Festa”) are giving their time and enthusiasm for the desks of funds rising all over Italy, and in addition organize parties and diners in their cities to raise funds.
Dear volunteers, let us continue to work together with commitment, enthusiasm and a bit of optimism: many children, many boys, need our help, for a better world. A big thanks to all the volunteers for your gift and your generosity and…thank you for existing!

Goffredo Modena

Operating model

Mission Bambini is not doing the projects directly with its own personnel and structure, neither abroad nor in Italy, but it is supporting financially specific interventions achieved in the poorest countries by local organizations (partners) and a managed by a responsible of the project living in the country with the children/boys beneficiaries. The projects to be financed are chosen among numerous requests for help received by the Foundation.
To this approach, typical of a distribution organization, Mission Bambini is adding a systematic work alongside the local partners in the various phases of implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the interventions, the capacity building of the partners represent an important added value of the work of the Foundation.
Mission Bambini considers the responsible of the project the main guarantor of the success of the project financed and of the reaching of the goals.
In fact the responsible of the project has the following responsibilities:

  • submitting to the Foundation the proposal for supporting the project
  • managing the project
  • assisting and caring for the children/boys involved in the project
  • managing of the funds and of the goods received from Mission Bambini
  • communications and correspondence with ”aiutare i bambini”.

Partners of the project manager, depending on the geographical area, are the offices Ufficio Progetti Estero and Ufficio Progetti Italia of the Foundation ”aiutare i bambini”. The two offices have the following tasks:

  • receiving and examining the financing requests;
  • submitting the requests to the Technical Committee;
  • submitting the projects which have passed the valuation of the Technical Committee to the approval of the Boards of Directors;
  • monitoring the projects;
  • evaluating the final results of the projects.

The two offices furthermore represent the link between the responsible of the project and the stakeholders to the project (donors, volunteers).

Projects and results

In 2011 the commitment of Mission Bambini in supporting projects for early childhood has remained substantially at the same levels of the previous year, in line with the results of funds rising.
Funds effectively transferred to local partners in 2011 have been 2.398.442 euro, against 2.616.726 euro in 2010.
Italy has been also in 2011 the country receiving the greatest volume of grants, confirming the attention of the Foundation to the problems of minors in our country and of the necessity to provide solutions.

194 projects have received in 2010 at least one transfer of funds, in line with the results of 2010 (193 projects). More importantly, the beneficiaries of these projects in 2011 have been 123.912 children, with an increase of 12,9% over 2010.

For the projects in Italy a total of 788.729 euro have been provided, 29,3% of the funds disbursed by the Foundation in 2011. In 2010 30,1% of the funds were allocated to Italy, including the extraordinary financing given for the earthquake in Abruzzo.

Funds rising and allocation

In 2011 51.727 donations have been made (with an increase of 13 % over the previous year)for a total of 4.194.663 euro. Funds rising has increased 2,2% over the previous year, a good result considering the difficult economic situation. The tendency to a decrease in the average amount of donations is confirmed.

In addition to the donations of the founders of Mission Bambini, the largest proportion of funds raised are coming from individuals, events and sponsorships, firms and foundations.
In 2011 donations by firms have suffered because of the present serious economic crisis. There has been a slight decrease, over 2010, also in funds rising with events.
Funds rising with Foundation has had a substantial increase thanks to new and important partnerships.
To underline the collaboration with Fondazione con il Sud with which Mission Bambini has promoted the call for tender “A nursery school for every child-Southern area” and with Unicredit Foundation for the call for tender “Seven nurseries for seven Regions”.
The donations of individuals are holding, an index of a good level of loyalty of the donors who have made up the decrease of the average donation with the increase in the number of donations. There has been also an important legacy.

In 2011 funds given for the institutional activity have been 2.820.405 euro equal to 67,2 % of funds raised. Following a reclassification of the costs, funds given for institutional activity include funds given in support of projects in favor of the children and also the sensitization expenses, i.e. all the expenses to inform donors on the projects financed and promote the activity of the Foundation.
Applying the same reclassification of the costs to the previous year, in 2010 funds given to the institutional activity were equal to 71,4%. The decrease of the percentage of the funds allocated to the institutional activity is due to the increase of general costs.

The cooperation with firms

The Foundation Mission Bambini has been promoting and encouraging for many years projects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with national and multi-national firms based on principles of transparency, sharing, mutual respect and benefit.
A relationship attested by a common will: identify the projects in Italy and abroad in urgently needing help and intervene promptly in favour of childhood in need of help.
The loyalty of the firms supporting for many years the activity of Mission Bambini, is based on the commitment and the reliability on the Foundation, on the timely reports, on the continuous updating on the progress of the projects, documented through photos, films, witnesses.
Some firms involve their employees, who are visiting directly the projects financed. Very often the employees become active and precious volunteers for the Foundation: very good ambassadors and activists in and out of the firm.
Furthermore, working in a firm socially responsible is a precious incentive for employees motivation, increasing the sense of belonging and loyalty to the firm.
The partnership between a firm and Mission Bambini takes into account the strategy, business objectives of the firm and the compatibility with the mission of the Foundation. Both organizations are trying to maximize the benefits and to intervene in a credible and sustainable way.

Human resources and voluntary service

The people who are working in the Foundation are the main resource to develop the activity of Mission Bambini for the pursuit of its mission.
To this end the President is giving particular care to the management of human resources, to favour the development and the cooperation among the people and to create a team committed to achieving the goals. The call to the mission of the Foundation and to its values is strong and continuous.

The staff of Mission Bambini is composed of:

As at 31/12/2011 As at 31/12/2010
People with permanent contract 19 16
People with project contract 7 9
Total 26 25

As at 31/12/2011 there were 92 volunteers in the Home Office. 2011 has seen a slight increase in total presence and, even though with some replacements distributed over the year, a total increase of 11 people over the previous year.
Home Office have helped in the office work.

In 2011, 79 volunteers have visited 73 projects in 45 trips abroad. The number of volunteers visiting the projects abroad has decreased over the previous year but nonetheless they have contributed, in a decisive way, to the aim of the Foundation, to visit at least once a year the projects financed (thanks also to the advisors and the personnel of Ufficio progetti Estero).
In addition in 2011 the volunteers abroad have visited 9 new requests for financing. In 44% of these cases the volunteers were at their second visit to a project financed by the Foundation.

In 2011 the Foundation has been engaged in a major change of strategy in the presence of figures of coordination on the national territory through the revision of the profile, role and commitment of the Responsible for the Province, to assure more availability of time and therefore a better efficiency in sensitization, funds rising and involvement of the volunteers active on the territory.
The result of this promotional activity was the selection of 5 new “Responsibles for the Volunteers” at the province level, among more 100 applicants.
At the end of 2011 the network of Responsibles for the Provinces was active in 19 Province italiane, with 16 “Responsibles for the Volunteers”, each with his own group of active volunteers.

Data protection policy

Friday, 13 June 2014 10:32

We thank you for the interest shown in the activities and initiatives of the Foundation Mission Bambini Onlus. Before releasing your personal details, we invite you to inspect the following information concerning the treatment to which the details will be submitted, in full respect of article 12 of the italian D.Lgs n. 196/2003- Code regarding the protection of personal details.

The Foundation Mission Bambini has in fact at heart the protection of the data of all subjects related to its activity: for us your safety is just as important as ours!

The holder and the manager of the treatment
The holder of the treatment of the details is the Foundation Mission Bambini Onlus, based in Italy (Milan in Via Ronchi 17), tel. +39 02 21.00.241 fax +39. 02 E-mail
The manager of the treatment is Dr. Goffredo Modena, President of the Foundation Mission Bambini, domiciled for the position at the headquarters of the Foundation and can be contacted directly at the following e-mail address:

Purpose- Compulsory or optional provision of the details.
The purpose of processing the personal details is strictly and exclusively correlated at the statutory bases of the Foundation Mission Bambini, or rather the disclosure of informative materials, fundraising and reports regarding the activity supporting the children in difficult situations around the world. The personal details provided by you, in the process of adhesion of requested services or successively collected during the use of the same services, (personal data, denomination, address and e-mail delivery, curriculum, fiscal code, the bank details and postal address…) will be used exclusively to provide you with what is requested.

And so in particular situations such as:
a) in case you have expressed your consent, and until the revocation of the same, for the sending of electronic Newsletter ;
b) in consequence of your specific and expressed consent, and until the revocation of the same, for the sending of mail messages regarding selected arguments and though containing information relative to the promotion of awareness and fundraising campaigns of the Foundation;
c) for the operations management of the relationship with the donors (for example for the formalization of a long distance adoption);
d) for examining the proposal of collaboration and evaluating the profiles of the aspiring volunteers and collaborators;
e) for carrying out online fair trade shopping;
f) for the presentation and management of a project.

The provision of personal details is absolutely optional and voluntary; however, an eventual refusal to provide or update, in whole or in part, such data, could lead to an impossibility from our side of carrying out what has been requested and/or informing you of our initiatives.

Methods of treatment
The collection of the data is carried out with the following modalities: by telephone or electronically, or rather adopting electronic devices or by means of cards and coupon or rather through the use of mailform present within the websites registered under the name of the Foundation Mission Bambini (the link to the informative of the treatment is present within every single form); it’s also expected the collection from third parties, (registers, lists, acts or public document…) acquired from third parties companies; duly authorized.
The collected data will be treated both by paper both through the use of electronic and computing devices and by any other means available by the technical and technological evolution. The same data will be organized following the logics correlated to the purposes for which they are collected and in accordance at the prescriptions and the security measures indicated by law, for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they have been collected.

Subjects at which the data could be communicated and context of their diffusion
The data will be treates exclusively within the Foundation by the corporate bodies, the collaborators and the volunteers, as in charge of the treatment, on the bases of their mansions and their attributed duties, with the only aim of performing the service or the presentation requested by you.

The data won’t be in any way be given, disclosed, nor transferred to third parties for commercial purposes of any kind and will be subjected to appropriate security procedures for protecting your privacy. They may be communicated to third parties only in case it proves necessary for providing you the service or the requested presentation. In this last case these might be the subjects involved:
- consultants and freelancers, for what concerns the activities of communication and fund raising
- banking institutions for the management of payments and all of the other banking operations
subjects in charge of the security and the maintenance of electronic systems (Soc. Archpoint Srl - Milano) and information of the Foundation (Studio Associato Colibre - Milano)
- the society in charge of the edit and update of the software in which the data will be stored (Asset S.r.l. - Roma)
- society of the budget review (Deloitte & Touche S.p.A. - Milano)
- donors and potential financers, in case some data regarding the beneficiaries involved in the projects of the Foundation, where expressly permitted from the manager of the Project, in quality of their tutor.

The data therefore won’t be spread in any way, unless that it hasn’t been requested and your explicit consent has been obtained.

Navigation data and cookies
The computer systems and the procedure software responsible for the functioning of this website acquire, during their normal operation, some personal details on the users (IP addresses, connection hours, dimension of downloaded files…), whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.

These data are used with the only purpose of obtaining statistical anonymous information on the use of the website (monthly visits, number of single visitors…) and to control the correct functioning. But they also serve as service to the user for example during a session of the data registration stage, in order to avoid the necessity of a new authentication at a later visit, or to maintain the content of the electronic cart on our proposal website of fair trade products.

These information could also be used to determine the responsibility in case of cybercrimes against the website and the Foundation Mission Bambini.

In this regard, the Foundation intends to clarify that the data detected by the cookies during the navigation will be used exclusively for these purposes of purely technical order, with the only aim of guaranteeing to the users a more easy and immediate consultation of the website and of its services. They will not be ever used instead to create profiles of the users according to sections and services used during navigation.

Rights of access to data and other rights
At any time you will have the right to obtain the confirm of the existence or not of personal details that concern you, even if they aren’t yet registered, and their communication in intelligible form.
In particular, in quality of interested party, you will have the right to obtain the indication of:
• the origin of the personal details;
• the purposes and the methods of the treatment;
• the logic applied in case of treatment carried out with the aid of electronic devices;
• the identity of the owner, of the managers and of the representative appointed under article 5, comma 2;
• the subjects and the categories of the subjects to which the personal details might be communicated or may become aware of in quality of representative designated in the territory of the State, managers or officers.

You will also have the right to obtain:
• the update, the rectification or integration of the data;
• the deletion, the transformation in anonymous form or the blocking of the data processed in violation of the law, including those for which conservation is not necessary in relation to the purposes, for which the data were collected or successively treated;
• the certification that the operations of which the letters a) and b) have been notified, also regarding their content, to those to whom the data were communicated or diffused, except the case in which this requirement proves impossible or involves a use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right.

At last, you will be able to oppose entirely or in part:
• for reasons linked to the treatment of personal details that concern you, though relevant to the purpose of the collection;
• to the treatment of personal details that concern you, for the purposes of sending promotional materials relevant to the initiatives of the Foundation or conducting internal market researches.
Our safety
The contents and the picture present on the website of the Foundation Mission Bambini or channeled through its materials (on paper and electronic) are property of the Foundation. We don’t allow their copy for lucrative, commercial purposes or otherwise unless agreed in advance with “helping the children”.
In particular, in case of long distance adoptions, each donor isn’t authorized to publish or diffuse to others the details of the supported children.: the communication of those details is reserved between the Foundation and the singles distance supporters.
In particular, the name and the brand of Mission Bambini are protected by the copyright and their use isn’t granted, if not explicitly approved in written form by the Foundation. Their improper use constitutes a violation of the law.

If you wish to know more, the complete text of art. 7 of italian D.Lgs. 196/2003 concerning the rights of the person interested, is available on the website

We thank you for having read this informative and for the interest shown in respect of our initiatives.

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On Friday December 20th there was a news broadcast about our Foundation and our local child sponsorship program in Italy.

The support which the girls receive through child sponsorship allows them to receive an education

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Because for us transparency is a fundamental value. We have thus chosen to publish a balance sheet certified by an external body (Deloitte), in order to guarantee to our supporters the maximum care in managing their funds.

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