Why supporting us
with your company

Why supporting us with your company

Why Mission Bambini

Mission Bambini is a private foundation, secular and independent, established in 2000 by a previous entrepreneur: in 19 years of activity we have helped more than 1,400,000 children all over the world, with 1,600 project in 75 countries. We are working every day in Italy and the world to give a concrete help to children who are poor, sick, without education or physically and morally abused.

Reasons to choose our organization:

- Quality certification. We have chosen to follow quality knowing the commitment of many firms to do the same. We are therefore quality certified (ISO 9001).

- Joint planning of the interventions. If your firm has expertise exploitable in our areas of intervention we would like to work and make projects together to render our help to the children as effective as possible.

- Reports on the projects. We will keep you informed of the progress of our interventions, we will involve you in our initiatives and we will open the door of our projects, so you can experience how we work and how we value your help.

- Audited financial statements. For us transparency is a fundamental value. Therefore we have chosen to publish an Annual Report certified by an external auditor (Deloitte), in order to guarantee to our supporters the maximum care.

- Brand equity. We know how important is the brand for a firm and we are a partner with which you can work with all your stakeholders, to increase the brand equity of your firm.

- Measuring social impact. We believe it is important to examine what social impact our actions may have. We can work together and develop useful indicators, for example SROI (Social return on investment)

- Fiscal benefits. Your donation, your help, your support is fiscally deductible and we are at your disposal to make the most of the fiscal benefits the present legislation allows to the firms.