There is no life, 
without heart.

There is no life, without heart.

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Elvis Giovanni DiffidentiMaking a monthly donation to Mission Bambini, you will save children with severe heart disease. It has been estimated that every year 1 million children are born with congenital heart disease all over the world. Around 80% are born in a poor country: half of them won’t survive beyond the first year due to lack of medical help and surgical facilities; the others will suffer serious growth problems and difficulties in their psychosomatic development, caused by pulmonary and/or circulatory handicaps. Since 2005 we have saved over 1,587 children with heart disease and we have visited more than 12,700.

Help them now:

- with 15 euros you donate 300 km of flight for Italy to 1 child

- with 50 euros you donate drugs for the post surgical operation

- with 100 euros you donate a month of hospital care for 1 child.


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