For the vulnerable 
children in Italy

For the vulnerable children in Italy

From 2006:

  • 6.869 children helped
  • 103 supported services
  • 17 regions

Child sponsorship in Italy

Aim: To make accessible the existing nurseries to the children of the most vulnerable families, through child sponsorships in Italy
Launch year:

simbolo-PUNTO-INTERROGATIVO-problema The problem

In Italy only a little more than 1 out of 5 children aged 0-3 have access to early infancy services, against the European goal of 1 out of 3. Many families experiencing economic or social difficulties (single working mothers, families on social welfare, immigrants) do not have access to this kind of services because they cannot afford to pay high nursery fees, therefore they have nobody to look after their children.

simbolo-CUORE-risposta The answer

Although it is important, on the one hand, to increase the number and capacity of nurseries, especially in Southern Italy, there is also an increasingly urgent need, on the other hand, to enable families to access the places that are already available. Many children, in fact, run the risk of being excluded from an important experience for their personal growth and development and many mothers may be forced to leave their jobs or reduce their working hours, with additional negative consequences on the family budgets. For this reason, in 2013 the Foundation decided to launch child sponsorships alongside the project “A Nursery for Every Child”. The regular, long-lasting support granted by child sponsorships provides concrete help and services to needy families in difficult social and economic situations, in particular: reduced nursery fees, meal vouchers, clothing, diapers and formula milk to be used in the nurseries. As in foreign child sponsorships, donors receive information, photos and up-to-date news on the group of children attending the chosen nursery.