Ordinary maintenance
of school buildings

Ordinary maintenance of school buildings

From 2006:

  • 23,816 children and young people helped in their studies
  • 57 after-school centers
  • 31 maintenance and repair

Parents, let's clean the school!

Aim: make Italian schools more attractive and comfortable
Launch year: 2014

simbolo-PUNTO-INTERROGATIVO-problema The problem

Many of the over 41,000 state school buildings in Italy are in urgent need of ordinary maintenance or extraordinary repairs, as both serious and minor accidents frequently occur, from flaking plaster to whole ceilings crushing down in classrooms.

simbolo-CUORE-risposta The answer

With the Project “Parents, Let’s Clean the Schools!”, launched in 2015, Mission Bambini intends to make Italian state school buildings more attractive and comfortable. To achieve this aim, it supports volunteers’ groups, pupils’ parents or ordinary citizens, who help carry out ordinary repair works. The Foundation provides materials and equipment. These repair works include: painting classroom walls and corridors, varnishing grates and gates, replacing broken doors and window panes, cleaning gardens and courtyards. The project finances the purchase of fittings other than school equipment and covers the expenses for specialized labor (builders, electricians, plumbers, blacksmiths, glaziers etc.), besides paying for insurance. This project does not include extraordinary repairs. Besides promoting a process whereby citizens learn to consider and care for school buildings as part of the assets of a community, the project intends to promote the use of school buildings as places where citizens can come together and actively shape their communities. For this reason, it supports parents who plan and put ideas into practice with the aim of opening school buildings to everyone outside school hours, offering courses, workshops, sporting tournaments, competitions, neighborhood parties.

simbolo-BERSAGLIO-risultati Results (2015)

Only in the last year Mission Bambini ha supported 7 schools in Italy.

Where we work:

In 2016 Mission Bambini and CON IL SUD Foundation support 13 schools in South Italy with 238,000 euros, identified by the call #Lanostrascuola - School clean and open to everybody.