Prevent school 

Prevent school drop-outs

From 2006:

  • 23,816 children and young people helped in their studies
  • 57 after-school centers
  • 31 maintenance and repair

School first!

Aim: Prevent school drop-outs and make Italian schools more attractive and comfortable
Launch year: 2006

simbolo-PUNTO-INTERROGATIVO-problema The problem: 15% drop-outs

Many students in Italy drop out of school without obtaining a qualification. According to Eurostat data, we have a 15% quota of “early school leavers”, i.e. young people between 18 and 24 who have only obtained an intermediate school certificate. 

Help us!

with 21 euros  you donate 3 afterschool hours to a children
with 50 euros  you contribute to the start of a craft room
vith 100 euros  you by the teaching materials

simbolo-CUORE-risposta The answer

With the Program “School First!”, launched in 2006, Mission Bambini supports study and homework help centers for pupils receiving compulsory education in primary and secondary schools. In the afternoons, children are free to go to an after-school center, where they can do their homework and spend time with other children of the same age-group in a positive, peaceful and stimulating environment. The project’s aims are: preventing school drop-outs by supporting learning opportunities provided by educators and volunteers; offering places where young people can meet, socialize and develop through a wide selection of cultural, recreational and sporting activities; promoting the integration of different cultures. Study help and after-school centers are mainly located in degraded urban areas where people live in poverty and destitution.

simbolo-BERSAGLIO-risultati Results (2015)

Only in the last year Mission Bambini has supported 22 after-school center in Italy, in favour of 6,918 children and young people.