Vocational training
and support to work

Vocational training and support to work

From 2011:

  • 7.000 students supported in studies
  • 400 training internships started
  • 14 social enterprises supported

Young people at work

Aim: Promote the employment of young people through working practice and support to social enterprises
Launch year:

 simbolo-PUNTO-INTERROGATIVO-problema The problem: 40% unemployed

According to Istat (the Italian National Institute of Statistics) surveys, around 40% of young people in Italy are unemployed: this figure refers to young persons between 15 and 24, excluding students. There are 2,4 million so-called "NEETS": young people who are not going to school, but do not have and do not even look for a job (source: Università Cattolica, Milan). Finding a job is not easy for young people living in difficult social situations, for those who have dropped out of school or for foreign minors. 

Help us!

with 20 euros you can offer a session of vocational orientation to a group of young people
- with 80 euros you can offer a week of vocational training in an enterprise to a boy or a girl
- with 300 euros you can offer a month of vocational training in an enterprise to a boy or a girl

simbolo-CUORE-risposta The answer: vocational training and Social enterprises

Through the Program "Young People at Work", Mission Bambini aims at helping young people on the labor market, especially the ones experiencing disadvantages due to their social environment. The work experiences supported by the Foundation have a strong educational value (the young people involved begin to learn a trade) and are aimed at teaching young people to act as responsible persons, especially when they are employed in enterprises with social responsibility. Our support produces long-lasting benefits: after the working experience, 40% of young people find a stable occupation within one year. Others go back to school or begin other kinds of vocational training.

  • Vocational training: With a first action, launched in 2011, the Foundation promotes the start of vocational training in factories or commercial enterprises in the area where young people live. Vocational trainings last 6 months on average. The Foundation bears the expenses for insurance, pays the trainee a monthly wage ranging from 300 to 600 Euros, provides tutoring by an educator and by a job trainer inside the company. This method has proven successful: the trainee is motivated by the economic appreciation of his or her work, the company takes advantage of a new trainee at no costs.
  • Social enterprises: With a second action, launched in 2013 and on which the Foundation has decided to place most of the project’s resources, support is provided to social enterprises that are managed by privates and that provide job opportunities for young people between 16 and 29 without previous working experience or unemployed. The Foundations contributes to start-up investments and to cover the operational costs. The supported companies can operate in any field (for example: food, catering, commerce, tourism, culture, handicrafts), but must have a market-oriented policy and they must prove their economical sustainability.