Access to education

Access to education

  • 3.769 children accommodated
    in residential facilities
  • 10.922 children have been able
    to go to school
  • 21 countries
    of intervention

Child Sponsorship

Aim: Give children the opportunity to go to school through the support provided by child sponsorships
Launch year:

 simbolo-PUNTO-INTERROGATIVO-problema The problem: 55 millions

Despite many progress in recent years, ensuring primary education for all children is still a distant goal: according to UN data, more than 55 millions children in the world between 6 and 11 cannot go to school, and more than half are girls. Moreover, there are 65 million young people who are cut off from secondary education.

simbolo-CUORE-risposta The answer: education and care

In many countries, access to education is still a daily challenge for millions of children. There are many different causes: endemic poverty, child labor, war, child recruitment in armed formations. On the other hand, even where education is available and free of charge, it is often lacking in quality: few and overcrowded school facilities, far from home. Children must often walk long distances on foot and families cannot afford to buy school supplies.

Thanks to child sponsorships, the Mission Bambini Foundation guarantees thousands of children the right to a good education every year, by means of covering schooling costs: entry fees, books and uniforms. For many children, going to school also means receiving at least one meal a day. Through child sponsorships, Mission Bambini supports residential facilities offering a safe accommodation, medical care and a caring environment to children in particularly difficult situations (orphans, HIV-positive children, refugees).

The long-lasting support offered by donors through child sponsorships enables us to accompany the child or group of children until they achieve their primary or secondary school diplomas. In some cases, Mission Bambini contributes to the construction of schools or their enlargement and successively promotes child sponsorships that enable children to go to these schools.

simbolo-BERSAGLIO-risultati Results 2018

Only in the course of 2018 were 4,930 children helped through distance adoptions in 21 countries of intervention, including: Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Ecuador, the Philippines, India, Kenya, the Dominican Republic, Thailand and Uganda.