Children heart disease

Children heart disease

  • 2.066 children with serious
    heart disease saved
  • 16,460 children placed under
    diagnostic screening
  • 421 foreign doctors

Children's heart

Elvis Giovanni DiffidentiAim: Save children with serious heart disease born in the poorest countries
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simbolo-PUNTO-INTERROGATIVO-problema The problem: 1 million

It has been estimated that every year 1 million children are born with congenital heart disease all over the world. Around 80% are born in a poor country: half of them won’t survive beyond the first year due to lack of medical help and surgical facilities; the others will suffer serious growth problems and difficulties in their psychosomatic development, caused by pulmonary and/or circulatory handicaps.

Help them now!

volo-cuore-di-bimbiwith 15 euros you donate 300 km of flight for Italy to 1 child 
farmaci-cuore-di-bimbiwith 50 euros you donate drugs for the post surgical operation
materiale-medico-cuore-di-bimbiwith 150 euro you donate a month of hospital care for 1 child

simbolo-CUORE-risposta The answer

Mission Bambini fights to save children with serious heart disease in the poorest Countries with the program "Children’s Heart" that has 3 methods of intervention:

  • Medical volunteers’ missions: we organize periodical missions of italian volunteer doctors in the hospitals of the poorest Countires, in order to operate children with the most serious heart disease and contemporary offer training to the local doctors;
  • Transporting children to Italy and to Romania: If there is a lack of both hospitals and doctors, children are transported to Italy or to Romania (if born in an Eastern European country) where they receive surgery in hospitals. The Foundation bears the costs of the journey and the stay in Italy for the children and their companions (usually the mother).
  • Support to local hospitals: If both hospitals and health care workers are available, the Foundation supports the purchase of equipment and facility improvement or covers the costs of surgery for the poorest families.

simbolo-BERSAGLIO-risultati Results (2018)

Only in 2018 were 1.835 direct beneficiaries: 205 children operated, 1.525 children visited and 105 local doctors trained in 7 countries of intervention (Cambodia, Eritrea, Myanmar, Romania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe).