Help children go back to normal life

Help children go back to normal life

Emergency aid operations

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Wars and calamities

Every year, millions of children all over the world are affected by wars and natural disasters, which cause not only casualties but also huge damages that endanger the future of entire communities. Frequently schools are destroyed and children are forced to break up their education.


In case of war and natural disasters, Mission Bambini firstly contact the local representatives to assess children’s conditions. Our aid is usually aimed at rebuilding schools and other facilities for children, is financed by fundraising campaigns which start only after deciding the destination of the money with the local representatives. The Foundation also provides first emergency aid (food, water, hygienic and sanitary material), if the local representatives are able to distribute the items rapidly and effectively.


simbolo-BERSAGLIO-risultati Nepal: Earthquake - April 25, 2015

2015 NepalFund given: 35,000 euros

What we have done:In the days following the earthquake, Mission Bambini donated the necessary funds to distribute food parcels to 300 families and to 160 pregnant women and mother with babies. After the first emergency aid, Mission Bambini decided to allocate a second contribution to erect 100 temporary metal sheet shelters (to provide safe shelter to 100 homeless families before the beginning of the monsoon season) and a “temporary learning center” with 2 classes, so that 30 children could go back to school.

Partner: local association Apeiron


simbolo-BERSAGLIO-risultati Philippines: Typhoon - November 7, 2013

2013 Filippine

Fund given: 50,000 euros 

What we have done:  10 schools rebuilt in Buruanga, one of the most stroken region.

Partner: CESVI, UniCredit Foundation


 simbolo-BERSAGLIO-risultati Italy - Emilia: Earthquake - May, 2012

2012 Emilia InsinnaFund given: 195,000 euros 

What we have done: 1 recreational center built at San Possidonio (MO)

Partner: Municipality of San Possidonio 



simbolo-BERSAGLIO-risultati Haiti and Dominican Rep.: Earthquake - January 12, 2010

2010 HaitiFund given: 252,500 euros 

What we have done: emergency aid, 2 schools rebuilt, 5 wells and 5 public toilets constructed, distribution of water purifying kits

Partner: Haiti - S.O.S. Solidaritè, Salesian Sisters Daughters of Maria Ausiliatrice, Sisters of San Vincenzo De’ Paoli; Dominican Republic - Los Amiguitos de Cristo


simbolo-BERSAGLIO-risultati Italy - L'Aquila: Earthquake - April 6, 2009

2009 AbruzzoFund given: 378,000 euros

What we have done: construction of 1 pharmacy dispensary and surgery, 1 community center and 1 nursery.

Partner: Municipality of L’Aquila, Municipality of Fossa, Parish of Gignano, Municipality of Segrate (MI)


simbolo-BERSAGLIO-risultati India, Sri Lanka and Thailandia: Tsunami - December 26, 2004

2004 tsunamiFund given: 155,000 euros 

What we have done: 
emergency aid, 2 schools and 22 houses rebuilt, fishing boats and nets purchased

Partner: India - Assist; Sri Lanka - Maristi Brothers, Perilmondo;  Thailandia - local association Naucrates